The First 10 Days of Dhul Hijjah

‘Abdullah Ibne ‘Umar radiyallāhu anhu related that Rasūlullāh sallallāhu alayhi wasallam said, 

“No days are as weighty with Allāh and so liked by Him for good deeds than the first ten days of Dhul Hijjah. So on these days increasingly read Subhānallah, Lā ilāha illallāh, Alhamdulillāh and Allāhu Akbar.”

(Musnad Ahmad)

Takbīrāt of Tashrīq

“Allāh is the Greatest, Allāh is the Greatest. There is no deity besides Allāh and Allāh is the Greatest. Allāh is the Greatest and all praises are for Allāh only.”

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