Rohingya Emergency

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Rohingya Emergency Crisis

The recent violent clashes in Rohingya have seen thousands of Rohingyan people fleeing from their homeland. Entire villages are reported to have been set alight. The Rohingya people have fled in desperation for their lives.  Those who have been lucky enough to escape are now faced with a life of struggle and uncertainty. Food deprivation, lack of access to clean water, shelter and medical aid are the current conditions they are facing.

Alhamdulillah, we at Al Hasanaat Foundation, have taken the responsibility upon ourselves to help these people who are in desperate need of our aid and support. We are currently on the ground in Cox Bazaar, Dhaka and Chittagong providing aid to the Rohingya Refugees. 

Help us to reach more people by donating towards our current projects:


Food Pack

£50 for 1 family/month


£500 for shelter

Water Well

£1500 Deep Well


£1500 Temporary Built

Your Support so far
2000 Food packs donated
3000 Qurans Distributed
25 temporary Masajid bulit
20 Shelters built
500 pieces of clothes for children
1 Ambulance
30 Orphans Sponsored
5 Sanitation Kits