Winter Relief

As the winter sets in, the conditions worsen for our brothers and sisters in Indonesia and for the Rohingyan Muslims residing in Bangladesh.

These poor people have fled for their lives. They have lost their possessions. Many have lost family members. Their troubles have not ended yet. They are faced with a cold winter and without shelter, adequate water or sanitation facilities and lack of sufficient food supply they face a very grim reality.

Donate towards our winter relief project and ensure your donation goes to need it most. Donate towards shelter, hand water pumps, Orphan Sponsorship, and our emergency winter kit.

Donate now and help in granting hope to those who are crying to be heard. Let not their cries fall on deaf ears.

Emergency Pack

£100 Food Pack & Winter Kit


£500 for shelter

Hand Pump

£150 for a water pump


£100 for blankets & food