Kashmir EarthQuake Appeal

Kashmir EarthQuake Appeal.

Rebuild Jamia Masjid 

200/Share and total cost 40,000

The 2019 Kashmir earthquake struck regions of Pakistan with an epicentre in Azad Kashmir on 24 September at 16:02 local time (11:02 UTC).

There was severe damage in Mirpur District, causing the deaths of 40 people and injuring a further 850.

Jamia Masjid Taiba, situated in Moghalpura, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan has been completely damaged by the earthquake.
The Masjid has space for around 1000 Musallies and 400 maktab students are gaining knowledge everyday.

Alhumduillah many people here perform 5 times prayer, And every friday 1000 Muslims attend Jumuah Prayer.

We Humbly request you to Donate Generously.