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WaterWell Project in GAZA

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Madrasah for the Blind

Alhamduillah, alongside the Masjids that we build, we also run Islamic madrasahs in order to safeguard the Iman of the Ummah and provide them with

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Water Projects

At Al Hasanaat Foundation we believe that water is an absolute necessity for all. For this reason, with your kind donations, we are continuously installing

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Masjid Projects

Alhamdulillah, with your continued support we have constructed over 40 Masajid alongside many madrasahs which are imperative in supporting and safeguarding the Imaan of the

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When is Ramadan 2019

Important dates for the Islamic Calendar Ramadan is due to start on the 6th May this year. Ramadan will be announce once the new moon

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Rohingya Camp Madrasah