What we do

we aim to rebuild the lives of the most vulnerable and destitute

Emergency Aid

We are on standby for disasters and we are quick to deliver aid to those affected in the form of food packs, shelter, emergency medical care and water aid.

Water Projects

We improve the water supply system and hygiene facilities in poverty stricken areas by installing hand pumps, water wells and washrooms in schools and homes.

Orphan Sponsor

We provide orphan sponsorship to improve the quality of lives, education and health of children who have lost their fathers. Help us to help the most vulnerable.


The spiritual aspect of a person's life is of utmost importance. Alhamdulillah, we construct Masjids to connect the people to Allah and to give them that place of sanctity and peace.


We provide families with the tools and training to support their families and gain independent living. Sewing machines and rickshaws are just some of the equipments we provide.

Food Aid

We are on the ground providing food packs to families in the most deprived areas. Each food pack feeds a family of 5 for one month. Help us to alleviate hunger by donating a food pack.


We have been building shelters for those in need to provide a place of rest, privacy, comfort and security to families.

For just £500 you can give a family hope and their own place of residence.


We carry out Qurbani in the most deprived and underprivileged areas such as Bihar in India. Our Qurbani packs are enough to help families enjoy their Eid. You can help the deprived to also enjoy Eid. From just £25 a share, feed a family on Eid ul Adha
(Note: seasonal project)


As we undergo our fasts, we get a taste of how the poor and less privileged feel without food.
Our charity provides food relief to insure that there is something to eat at iftar time for those who need it most.

(Note: seasonal project)