Emergency Response


£50 can provide food for a family for a month

£150 can provide a lasting water solution – hand water pump

£500 can provide shelter for a family in need


Al Hasanaat Foundation aims to provide a quick response to any emergency projects that arise in the countries that have been afflicted.

When there are instances of earthquakes, floods, humanitarian afflictions, we are on the ground delivering food, water, shelter and healthcare products.

Food packs, blanket distributions, installation of water facilities, temporary shelter provisions, pop up health clinics are some ways in which we help provide relief to the most afflicted.

Additionally, we also construct Masjids (emergency temporary builds and permanent constructions) to ensure that the Iman of the Muslims is preserved. We also distribute Qur’ans to the believers to keep them connected with their Creator and their deen.

Current Emergency Projects – Indonesia

Our most recent emergency response has been for the people of Indonesia who have been afflicted by the Tsunami. Families have lost their homes, belongings and family members.

200,000 people are in desperate need of help!

Visit our Indonesia appeal page to find out how you can help. Zakaat, lillah and sadaqah donations accepted for various ongoing projects.

Indonesia distribution